Thursday, 19 October 2017

Confidence vs Self Doubt

We had a much needed break away from our seemingly never ending house renovations last week. Time spent in the glorious, impressive landscape of the Yorkshire Dales. A chance to switch off, walk, talk, recharge and just allow time to wash over us. No pressure, no agenda, just time. 
It got me thinking, if all of us, or just a few of us, struggle with finding/maintaining confidence while running a small business? As I work alone (my husband supports from the sidelines) and have always battled with self doubt it can be difficult not to question yourself, doubt your abilities, compare and worry about failure. I wonder, is this present in all of us who create, market, promote, sell our own products? 
Is this something that women struggle with more than men?

With the rise in social media as a platform for brand promotion, there is an almost addictive need to see others as "Getting it right" all the time, who appear to have "Sell out" products, beautifully shot with professional images on tap which then begs the question, how can one compete with those who have a seemingly large budget to "Do it all"?

We are, I know often guilty (if that is the correct term) of only showing the "Glossy" side of our lives on instagram etc, putting forward positive, attractive images that will engage and attract others. I certainly only post parts of my home that don't resemble the building site which in reality we are living in. There is nothing wrong with this, I have no problem with editing some elements of real life for the purposes of instagram and similar media platforms, after all, promoting your brand is all about positive messages and aspirations, my only concern is that for those of us with a tendency towards self doubt it magnifies our lack of confidence. 

I would love to know if you too struggle with confidence in your business and if so how you have overcome this. 

all images ©Cowparsley at home

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.